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Is a Slab Leaking an Emergency in Charleston?

Slab leaks are recognized to happen as a consequence of leaking pipes located beneath concrete walls as well as the foundation of the residence. Slab leaks take moment before they origin any noticeable damage. However after sometime you will begin to notice wetness on your floors and carpets. At this point do not waste any time instead do what is necessary in order to correct the situation by calling any North Charleston slab leak detection professional. Otherwise if you leave it unattended then you will end up spending more money to correct the damage to your home’s foundation.

Fixing a slab leak is not as difficult as most people would think. The process begins with locating the area where the leak is coming from then mark it. Then take away the flooring within that area, this should be done with care to avoid causing unnecessary damage. Penetrate the concrete using a drill bit and make sure the drilled hole is large enough for your hand to penetrate thereby allowing you to reach out and touch the leaking spot on the pipe. Once you find the trouble spot enlarge the whole around that area to give you adequate room to repair the pipe.

Shut off the water from the main switch then cut and remove the affected part of the pipe and attach a new pipe on that spot by welding. Once the damage has been taking care off cover up the hole with slab then gives it a couple of days to dry before you can begin the work of fixing the floor. As a home owner it is important for you to find ways through which you can detect slab leaks on time and prevent further damage to your foundation. One of them includes the use of a Charleston slab leak detection contractor.

As earlier mentioned it is very important for a homeowner to quickly respond whenever they notice any part of the floor that is ever wet. Your promptness will help to prevent extensive damage to your home as well as your foundation. It will also mean reduced cost to salvage the situation.

How to notice and Fix Slab Leaks in Charleston?

Slab leaks take place in residences which are build on concrete foundations. These houses have water pipes under the foundation which take water in and out of the house. But if there is any leak in these pipes then it becomes very difficult to detect and repair such pipes.

Most of the times you come to know about slab leaks when they have already caused heavy damage. So to prevent Charleston slab leak detection, you should regularly check for such leaks and repair them as soon as possible. You can detect hot water leaks by walking barefoot on the floor and if you notice any warm area then it indicates a hot water leak. If you can listen to noise of water dripping in the home even after finishing all plumbing equipment’s then this can point out a water leak.

If there is moisture or mold growth under the carpet then it indicates that water is leaking inside the floor and as it has nowhere else to go so it is moving upwards and accumulating under the carpet. Leaks in main line can be detected by checking the water pressure in the main line. Even if there is even a pin sized hole in the main line then it would reduce water pressure significantly and waste a lot of water. This can be noticed if you check your water bills for the past couple of months. If you notice a large increase in water usage then it indicates that there is a water leak in your main line.

Most of the slabs have a width of four feet so you will need to use a drilling machine to drill a hole and do it carefully as well so that you don’t cause any further damage. Locate the exact location of the leak and enlarge the hole to mend the pipe. Switch off the water supply by closing the main valve and cut the broken portion with a cutter.

Fix a similar pipe to the one cut off or in case of copper pipes weld the broken portion properly. Do not seal the hole for a couple of days and keep monitoring the leak for a few days. If you are completely convinced that the leak has been fixed properly then fill the hole with mixed concrete and cover the hole with a slab. Even after following all above tips if you are still not able to repair the leak then you need to call a North Charleston slab leak detection professional who will use advanced Leak Detection System for detecting leaks and repair them properly.

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